Post-Election Works, 2016 – 2022

Post-Election Works began as a series of ephemera initiated after the 2016 Presidential election. The pieces reflect my shifting identity as I experience different impulses and emotions within a new political landscape. Together, they chart a fluctuation in my own political voice and agency. This series records a transient moment in our history, adding to the ever-changing archive of political ephemera.

Post-Election Works, a video completed before the 2018 midterm elections, documents the work, my voice and process in an essayistic film form. Combining a philosophical framework of Walter Benjamin with my  production of political ephemera, I examine the circular nature of history and my identity as it evolves within the context of contemporary politics. A collage of internet imagery and personal reflection, Post-Election Works becomes a dialogue between the online, digital archive, activism and my subjective experience.

Post-Election Works include:
Gwen Ifill, a memorial wheat paste, 2016
Ivan Uranga, design collaborator
Streets of San Francisco

A Series of Pin-Backs: Women Rule, 2017
Over 400 pins distributed at the January 21, 2018 Women’s March. Produced in conjunction with 100 Days of Action.

Withhold Consent: Postcards to Congressional Democrats, 2017
800 postcards sent to congressional democrats in February 2017. Produced in conjunction with 100 Days of Action and Protest Postcards.
Dave Kovner, design collaborator

20/20 Glasses, 2017
5 sets of custom crystal glasses produced for the Vancouver Art Book Fair in conjunction with Decoy Magazine.

Post-Election Matches for Funeral Parlors, Bars and Other Contemplative Places Like Bedrooms and Alleyways, 2017
Customer matches distributed at the Vancouver Art Book Fair. Donations for the matches were given to Rise Women’s Legal Centre. Produced in conjunction with Decoy Magazine.

Blue White House, 2018
A blue-line reproduction of the white house circa late 1800s. The unstable blueprint image fades when exposed to light.  Printed at Diazo Speciality Printing in Atlanta, one of the last analog blue-line printers in the United States.
Streets of San Francisco.

Post-Election Works, 2018
A video essay which documents my changing voice and identity as I produce protest ephemera in response to the 2016 Presidential election. 16m 50 seconds.

Athens International Film and Video Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Barcelona International Short Film Festival
Bechdel Film Festival
Buffalo International Film Festival
Defy Film Festival
Denver Underground Film Festival
Dumbo Film Festival
Fayetteville Film Fest
Georgia Documentary Film Festival
Illawarra Film Festival
Little Muddy Student Showcase
Lost River Film Fest
New Jersey International Film Festival
Peekskill Film Festival
Peoria Film Fest
Political Film Festival
Porto Femme – International Film Festival
Ocktober Film Festival
Oregon Documentary Film Festival
Southern Margins International Film Festival
The Film Collective Film Festival
Twin Rivers Media Festival
Women in Film Pittsburgh