Kate Haug

Deep Creep, 1999

16 millimeter, 7.5 minutes, sound

Three sci-fi vignettes explore science and sexual melancholia exposing the lacy interdependence between repression and desire. Completed with the Film Video Arts Production Grant and Residency Program, Su Friedrich residency mentor.

Collections: Joanie 4 Jackie Archive, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

Selected screenings:
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Athens International Film and Video Festival
Black Maria Film Festival (Director’s Citation Award)
Brno 16
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Film Arts Festival
London International Film Festival
MadCat Women’s International Film Festival
Thaw 00

Touring programs:
39th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour (38 venues including the Southwest Film Center, Cornell Cinema and Houston Museum of Arts)
Big Miss Moviola’s Co-Star Tape, I Saw Bones National Tour, Rita Gonzalez curator, (13 venues including Bard College, Barnard College, Northwest Film Festival and Stanford University)
Black Maria Touring Collection
MadCat International Film and Video Festival Interior Worlds National Touring Program (18 venues including Brown University, Indiana University and USA Film Festival)

WNET, Egg the arts show, “Meet the Micrecians.”